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Episode 190: Ready to get your team moving with Uber for Business?

Date: 30 Sep 2016
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Performance marketing with Adclick Africa

At Adclick Africa, they are obsessed with results. They believe that advertising is about meeting the campaign objectives of their clients...

Issued by Adclick Africa Media Group 1 day ago

[Biz Takeouts Lineup] 191: Uber for Business

Tune in to the Biz Takeouts Marketing & Media radio show on 29 September 2016, from 9-10am, as show host Warren Harding chats to Busi Sizani...

3 days ago

10 ways to create digital economies

New United Nations study maps top 10 ways governments and companies can create digital economies...

3 days ago

Free digital marketing masterclass at Lagos Startup Week

Lagos Startup Week to offer free digital marketing masterclass...

3 days ago

Mobile services: how to crack high growth markets

Smartphone use in high growth markets like India and Africa differs from developed markets. This is because there are a very different set of constraints in operation...

27 Sep 2016

Collaborate to unlock competitive advantage

How companies can use collaboration tools as innovation hacks...

By Farren Roper 27 Sep 2016

#TRENDING: The experience economy

In order to earn the attention of consumers, brands need to create experiences that they can share...

By Louise Marsland 26 Sep 2016

Unpacking social media video marketing

Video has the capacity to produce exceptional results. It is a seductive format that has great pulling power on human beings. Why? We are visual beings and we rely on moving images to make sense of the world...

By Joseph Neusu 23 Sep 2016

It's a brand new world for print

Video, native advertising, mobile apps - these were some of the main talking points yesterday at the first day of the Media24 Lifestyle Summit...

By Beverley Klein 23 Sep 2016

Support entrepreneurs to create digital disruption

A new EY report calls for G20 leaders to better support young entrepreneurs through policies that ensure digital disruption...

23 Sep 2016

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