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Episode 186: PR chat with Marcus Brewster and the new on-demand PR service.

Date: 26 Aug 2016
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Kenyan startup to launch 'Uber for ambulances' app

'Uber for ambulances' app, Flare, launches in Kenya to address healthcare issues...

By Tom Jackson 6 hours ago

The main drivers of investment in Sub Saharan Africa

Converging technologies, expanding connectivity and telecom mergers and acquisitions are predicted to be the main drivers of investment and deal activity in Sub Saharan Africa in 2016...

1 day ago

Virtual reality meets cause marketing

It's expected that virtual reality will be an $80bn market by 2025. The list of businesses coming on board with VR is long and impressive...

By Sheila McGillivray 2 hours ago

Be responsive online or risk being left behind

The digitalisation of business is inevitable and companies that resist the change, risk losing customers, revenue and potentially, even their reputation...

By Felix Erken 4 hours ago

Digitisation is not about building an app, it's about the customer's journey

The introduction of digital platforms, like Uber and Airbnb, have transformed competition and is forcing the conventional "pipeline" business to embrace three key shifts...

By Craig Terblanche 2 days ago

Seacom to connect UbuntuNet in East Africa

Seacom will provide point to point connectivity services to the National Research and Education Networks of Eastern and Southern Africa...

2 days ago

The dark side of digital

It's their 'world in their hands', an existence driven by instant access to information, laced with a plethora of social connections...

By Antoinette Pombo 2 days ago

Facebook supports female African entrepreneurs

Facebook supports initiative to encourage women across the continent to start their own businesses and help drive prosperity for their countries...

2 days ago

Y&R SA and NATIVE VML partner up to form VML and Y&R Africa Group

Y&R South Africa and NATIVE VML are partnering to form the VML and Y&R Africa Group, a digitally integrated offering that will be positioned to deliver on the needs of an increasingly connected world...

3 days ago

Be brave: Differentiate with digital

Digital presents a powerful opportunity for brands to differentiate themselves against competitors. We've all heard the stories of great digital projects and wonder how we could create the same traction for our own brands...

By Mike Saunders 3 days ago

Digital communication is leading channel for customer engagement

From social media to virtual reality and email to chat, digital communication is the leading channel for customer engagement, lead by the millennial generation...

3 days ago

AR and VR add clout to visual marketing for SA brands

Augmented and virtual realities are ready to make their mark in South Africa and could be a game changer in visual marketing for the retail and tourism sectors in particular...

By Johan Walters 3 days ago

Enterprise apps essential for true digital transformation

An organisation's applications are the glue that makes digital transformation possible. Without an optimised, next-generation application landscape...

By Shubna Harilal 3 days ago

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