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Customers likely to share positive experiences as much as bad experiences

Research done by Yonder Digital Group found that UK consumers are as likely to share a good experience as a bad one...

4 May 2017


IABC EMENA conference tackles leadership communication

LONDON: The IABC EMENA, the counterpart of the Africa region of the IABC, hosted their annual conference titled "Power to the People", addressing the key trends in communication...

By Daniel Munslow 15 Apr 2015


'Here we are sir, but please... not in the store...'

LONDON, UK: A chain of DIY stores in the United Kingdom is preparing its staff for kinky Fifty Shades customers after they have seen the erotic film Fifty Shades of Grey...

11 Feb 2015


Top 10 global consumer trends of 2015 by Euromonitor

LONDON, UK: The top 10 global consumer trends for 2015 were revealed by leading market research company Euromonitor International...

19 Jan 2015


Second annual global customer service survey: The findings

INDIANAPOLIS, US: Research by global software provider Interactive Intelligence Inc reveal what customers look for in a great service experience.

10 Jun 2014


Big data and the consumer experience for business

EDINBURGH, SCOTLAND, UK: The concept of big data has brought a revolution in relations between companies and their customers.

By Jose Capelo 30 May 2014


Passionate about your brand?

LONDON, UK: Then attend ECEW 2013 to learn how to maximise its appeal.

14 Mar 2013


M&M Global Awards: The jury

LONDON, UK: Check out the first judges for 2012...Joining the chair of the jury, Dominic Fawcett, Sony Europe, are some of the most influential people from the media and advertising industry...

7 Jun 2012


Maximizer Software hosts free CRM webinar

BRACKNELL, UK: Maximizer Software - a leading provider of simple, accessible and affordable customer relationship management (CRM) systems - is hosting a free webinar to help sales teams improve their performance of their CRM systems.

13 Apr 2012


Massive line-up for ECEW 2012

LONDON, UK: This year marks the fourth ECEW event, and taking your feedback from previous years, the organisers have made it bigger and better than ever.

8 Mar 2012


Greenlight comment: 'Social Search' is finally here!

LONDON, UK: "...Google's integration of Google+ into its search results is a major change, one that brands and businesses must not ignore. And with Facebook having the potential to immediately capture a quarter of the search market globally were it to launch its own search engine, this move by Google has not come a minute too soon..."

16 Jan 2012


UK Population turns to social media to express opinions about brands

LONDON, UK: YouGov survey reveals the extent to which the UK public uses social media to contact or talk about businesses.

25 Oct 2011


Supermarkets top Britain's firms as the most loyal 'institutions'

LONDON, UK: Customer loyalty: it's what every customer needs a reason to give, and what every institution strives to achieve. Moreover, it seems Brits believe supermarkets are indeed super when it comes to rewarding their loyal consumers, as latest research from Mintel reveals.

9 Jun 2011


Survey reveals UK fears over location-based technology in customer service

LONDON, UK: More than half of UK consumers say they are not comfortable with businesses using location-based technology to pinpoint their whereabouts, even if it would improve their customer service, research from Ovum has revealed.

2 Jun 2011

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